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"High quality, timely and efficient service to create more value for customers"is the service aim of CHMTI.
With focus on service excellence, CHMTI understands the customer’s needs:Our excellent technology, sales and manufacturing teams work as a focused unit to ensure unrivalled customer service, from pre-sales, sales processing and after-sales care. We provide a complete set of solutions on machine selection, machine usage, uptime and maintenance. CHMTI’s factory and HQ is based in Chongqing, and we have a network of 17 sales and after-sales service offices across China, with fully qualified commercial and technical staff.
With focus on service efficiency and reliability, CHMTI enhances the customer’s productivity:CHMTI’s continuous focus on product design and quality ensures ‘closed loop’ functional integration between engineering, design and after-sales service. By continually supporting the customer experience, we keep improving our designs, manufacturing and service quality, and build reliability into the products.
With focus on rapid service action, CHMTI’s response is aligned with the customer’s business priorities:CHMTI’s commitment is the promise to strictly follow the national standard "Three Guarantees" policy, namely: we will unreservedly pledge guarantees for repair, replacement and return. We promise that during working days we shall respond within 8 hours, arrive at the user’s site within 24 hours for users in the Chongqing region, and at the user’s site within 72 hours for users outside the Chongqing region. We will ensure that the user is ‘up and running’ and able to fully utilize the machine.
CHMTI believes that being ‘the best’ is not enough; CHMTI is continually aiming for ‘even better’.To serve our customers better, CHMTI actively listens to customers’ comments and suggestions, and follows up with actions to ensure real benefits are delivered. We focus always on our customer’s needs, and keep pace with the times, recognizing that our driving purpose is to help our customer create more value.

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