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Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 3200mm
Max. module: 30mm

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The Model YKX39320 machine is external tooth milling machine; the model YKX39320N machine is internal tooth milling one. Both of them are of 5-axis control ones. Based on the principle of single-index forming milling, the machine are able to cut helical gears with Z- and C-axis coordinated control. They are designed for manufacturing spur gears, helical gears (sharft, disc and internal gears) and slightly tapered & crowning gears with larger diameter, etc.
The machines have the features of high efficiency and rigidity. They are specially used for the industries to manufacture gears, such as wind power, engineering machinery, large-sized speed reducer, etc.
Description UnitYKX39320YKX39320N
Max. workpiece dia.mmMax. workpiece dia. 3200 Max. root circle 3040
Max. workpiece dia. 3800
Min. addendum circle dia.
For internal milling tooth
mm Φ700
Max. module mm3024
Center distance between internal
milling cutter and worktable
mm600~1820 90~1410
Distance between milling
cutter axis  and worktable surface
mm500~1500 500~1500 
Horizontal travel of the column
(X axis)
Vertical travel of internal
milling cutter head (Z axis)

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