Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 800mm
Max. workpiece module: 10mm

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The model YKA31125,YKM31125 and YKC31125CNC gear hobbing machines, It is a axes CNC machine; X axis(radial feed motion)and Z axis(axial feed motion),which are all driven by AC servo-motors. The CNC system adopts German SIEMNS-802D,On the principle of continious indexing ,the machine is capable of cutting cylindrical spur and helical gears ,crowning and slightly tapered gears as well as wormwheels by radial cutting method, Axial and radial feed axes are driven by AC servo-motors through preloaded ball screws .The machine is best suited for mine ,oil, marine engineering machinery industries for hobbing large gears.

The model YKMA31125 precision CNC gear hobbing is developed based on general-purpose machine .it is used for cutting high precision gears.

The model YKC31125 hardened CNC gear hobbing machine is used for cutting hardened grars.
SpecificationsUnitYKA3180/ YKC3180/ YKMA3180
Max. workpiece dia.mm800
Max. workpiece module mm10
Max. axial travel mm400
Center distance between hob and worktable mm50-520
Distance between hob axis and worktable surface  mm280-680

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