Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 200mm
Max. module: 6mm

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The model YB3120A semi-automatic heavy-duty gear hobbing machine is suitable for cutting of spur and helical gears, worm wheels, sprockets and short spline shafts in automobile, tractor and motorcycle industries on batch production.
It is characterized by compact construction, large power, good rigidity, high-degree automation. It can work under high speed & powerful cutting in order to increase efficiency.

The model YB3120A/1 semi-automatic heavy-duty gear hobbing machine has the same specifications and applications same as that of the model YB3120A. But it is fitted with single-lead worm as its index gearing. The maximum speed of the worktable can be up to 16 r/min. It can cut the workpieces with multi-no of teeth.

Max. workpicec dia.mm200200
Max. modulemm66
Distance between hob axis
and worktable surface
Center distance between
hob and worktable

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