Chamfering Machine

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Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 200mm
Max. module: 6mm

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Based on the principle of cold-extrusion method, the Y9420 machine has two kinds of work modes, manual operation and auto cycle. The former is suited for adjusting the machine, and the latter is suited for working. PLC FXIN-40MR-001 from MITSUBISHI, Japan, is adopted. All processes except manual loading and unloading are automatically controlled by program under auto cycle. Several working programs are preset for user to select for different type of workplaces.

This machine is suited for manufacturers such as automobile, tractor, machine tool, and gear production. It is designed for rounding tooth end of cylindrical disc-like spur and helical gear, shaft spur and helical gears, cluster gears, and sprockets in large-scale production.
Max. workplace dia.mm200
Center distance from rounding tool to workplacemm120~210
Center distance from deburring tool to workplacemm90~170

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