Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 500mm
Max. module: 8mm

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The model Y3150EA General-purpose Gear Hobbing Machine is capable of cutting spur and helical gears, worm wheels, sprocrets and short spline shafts in one-off, small-scale and a large-scale production. The machine features reasonable construction, high rigidity, high working accuracy, easy operation, and simple setup. It can work in the conventional or climb method. It is equipped with an automatic shut-down device, safety-securing mechanisms and an automatic  system. The machine can be furnished with imported hydraulic components or tangential hob head for cutting worm wheel in tangential feed mode on customer's request.

The model YM3150EA Precision Gear Hobbing machine has the same features and functions as that of the model Y3150EA, excludes its working accuracy is at least by one grade higher than that of the Y3150EA.

The Model YB3150EA Semi-automatic Gear Hobbing Machine has the same specifications and applications as that of the general-purpose machine. It adopts PLC to control it. With only once adjustment, it can perform an automatic working cycle for cutting in batch production and has an automatic hob shifting mechanism to prolong the service life of hob.

The Model Y3150E/1 Slightly-tapered Gear Hobbing Machine is designed for cutting of slightly tapered gears under axial and radial feeds at the same time. Cylindrical gears can be cut with plain axial feed, while the worm wheels can be cut under automatic radial feed. In case of mass production of identical gears, it only needs to be set up one time.
Max. workpiece dia.
(With/without work stay)
Max. modulemm8688
Distance between tool axis
and worktable surface
Min. center distance between
tool and worktable

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