Parameter: Max. workpiece dia.: 1600/2000mm
Max. workpiece module: 20mm

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The model Y31160CNC6/Y31200CNC6 CNC gear hobbing machine is of 6 axes one with 4 axes coordinated control. Based on the principle of generating method, and by electronic gearbox (EGB), the machine is designed to cut cylindrical spur & helical gears, worm wheels, crowning or slightly tapered gears and splines, etc. It is suited for the industries that produce the gears on a large scale production, such as heavy-truck, crane machinery, mining, lift, metallurgy, generating equipment and engineering machinery, etc.
SpecificationsUnitY31160CNC6/ Y31200CNC6
Max. workpiece dia.mm1600/2000
Max. workpiece modulemm20

Center distance between
hob and worktable 

Distance between hob axis
and worktable surface 

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