High Precision Indexing Pair

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High precision indexing pair

High precision indexing pair


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Extra precision index gearings are the most essential parts of gear manufacturing machines. Chongqing Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (CHMTI) has put tremendous efforts in creative developing and numerous testing on the manufacturing technology of extra precision index gearings. CHMTI has a contingent of highly qualified engineers specially engaging in researching and developing extra precision index gearings and relevant test equipment. CHMTI possesses unique processing technology and complete processing testing equipment on high-precision cylindrical worm gearing, spherical worm gearing, and spherical worm gear-helical gearing, and cylindrical index gearing. The project “the production of extra precision worm with radial profile meshing with spherical worm wheel”won the Chinese patent of invention. The successes have established a strong foundation for CHMTI to rank in the leading level in the area of gear manufacturing machines and enables it to provide customers home and a abroad with indexing and transmission component of extra precision.
GB10089-88JB162-60RevolvingclockwiseRevolving counter-clock-wise
Composite tangential error of individual tooth,△fi’cCyclical transmission error of the △T0.34 radial second(0.74 um)0.38radial second(0.83um)
Composite tangential error of gearing,△fi’cDynamic transmission error△T∑3.16radial second(6.90um)2.34radial second(5.10um)

Accuracy gradeInstrument used for measuring
GB10089-88JB162-60Type UM180 Seismic Tester made by Gemany
1 Grade 1.13radial second(2.46um)1Grade0.91radial second(2.46um)
1Grade5.71radial second(12.46um)1Grade11.91radial second(26um)Type TOSIMO-JS-25 gear tester based on the magnetic indexing principle made by former Czech Republic

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